Welcome to the demonstration photography club site

This is where you place core details about your club such as location and aspects of the club that visitors may find interesting.

The image slider shows images from your clubs activities.

A club member’s view of a MyPhotoClub site

what-upWhere to start?

The true power of the MyPhotoClub solution is the competition engine.  For a member this primarily means being able to enter easily. 

  • Logon with a demo account:username: akilahromero password: demo
  • Go to For Members > Competitions

These features are on the Competitions page:

Enter a competition

  • Only competitions that are open for entry and that the member is permitted to enter are displayed. (Akilah is in A Grade)
  • Select a competition to enter, upload an image (JPG – 1920×1200 – 2mb), give it a title and press submit.
  • Change an entry – Update the title and save – or delete the image and enter a new one.

Check you Entries

  • The My Entries area allows you to see all your entries in open and closed competitions

View the Competitions

  • View image galleries of completed competitions allows you to see all published competitions (Only January 2016 prints are published)
  • Select a competition to see all the entries. Each entry has a:
    • thumbnail to take you to see the full size image
    • tick to pick your choice in the competition
    • the speech bubble takes you to a comments page – add a comment, but be kind 🙂 (comments are emailed to the author of the image -but not on the demo trophiessite)

See who’s winning

  • Competition Results shows the results of each competition and the Year to Date totals


These features are on the Members Profiles page:

Find out about your other members.

  • Lists oair-show-photographers-line-drawingf members shows who’s who in your club
  • Every member can set up a profile to tell a bit about them selves. Wherever they are mentioned on the site a link takes you to their profile.

by MyPhotoClub Colin, May 25, 2017


Membership is largely a self service thing. The steps are:

Register > Nominate that you have paid or pay your fees > You’re a member!

Once a member the persons’ details appears in the membership section of the Committee.  A table and downloadable list is available.  Also details such as role and whether to display contact details can be edited.

On the demonstration site all people who log on have full access to all menus, so this functionality is not able to be displayed.

Paying fees online

If the club wishes PayPal can be used to pay fees.  This is currently for membership only, but the capability to pay for merchandise or tickets to events will be introduced later in 2017.

A test PayPal account is linked to the demonstration.   To test this functionality:

  • logon with one of the demo accounts
  • go to the Details section and Select Pay Membership Fees
  • Click on the Pay by PayPal button.
  • This takes you to the PayPal test area
    • use email address demo@myphotoclub.com.au and password:  MyPhotoClub
  • When you return you will see that the account is now financial for the current year.



by Akilah Romero, May 4, 2017

A competition manager’s view

The competition workflow follows this pathway.

Comp Open > Entries flow in > Comp Closes > Judging occurs > Results Entered > Comp Published.

For Print or Digital competitions judged during a meeting the prints are arranged in a set order to  enable a digital copy of the image while the judge describes and judges the print.  A slideshow is downloaded for each competition.

This is achieved by using a Layout List for each competition. This is pinned to the display stand and allows each member to place their print in correct location.

Results can be entered directly into the Results entry page or recorded on a Entry list and entered online later on.

The competition can then be published.  This places the competition viewable by members in the View image galleries of completed competitions.

For Print or Digital competitions judged remotely  a judge is sent the images to assess and give awards.  The judge is sent an email which contains a link to a page that lists all the competitions that the have bee requested to judge. For each competition the judge is able to view the images online, award the results and enter comments about each entry.

Once notified that the judging has been completed the competition manager can publish the competition.  An interim step before publishing can be to Finalise the comp (Co to allow a slideshow presentation of the results to a meeting.

All of these functions are done using the Competition Management page under the Committee menu

A suggested path to evaluate the system:

  • Logon with any account as the demonstration system give all accounts access to the Committee menu
  • Open the Competition Management page and review the Statistics area to see numbers of entries and entrants in competitions both open and closed. Note the February competitions are Prepared for Judging, and the Judging Completed status of the January Digital competitions.

 Pick a Print Competition and follow it through:

  • Select a February Print competition that is Preparing for Judging
  • From the Printouts for the meeting section see what the Print Layout list looks like
  • From the same Printouts area see what an Entry List for Prints looks like.
  • From the Result Entry area select your print competition to open it for result entry
  • Have a look at the images by clicking on the thumbnail and viewing the full size image.
  • Click on the ribbon to give the image the award you think it’s worth.
  • Go to the comments and enter a comment about the image.
  • Repeat this for 3 or 4 entries.
  • Publish the competition – note that entries that without awards are marked as accepted.
  • Go the Members > Competitions > View Image Galleries and see the published comp in place.

Remote Judging

  • NOTE: to receive the email generated by this task you need to be logged with your email address
  • .In Competition Management select the link Competitions judged remotely
  • Select the link Select Judge, Competitions and send message to Judge
  • Enter a demonstration account for the judge:  dudleyday@noemail.com
  • Select Digital as the type of competition
  • Select two or more competitions
  • Enter a short note to the Judge e.g. please finish and get back to me by July 4.
  • Confirm and Send the message.
  • A copy is sent to the person completing the form.

    Judges Email

Judges Home

If you have used your email account you can follow the link in the message.  Note that the link logs you on.


The judge then follows the same process as before for entering comments and awards.

by MyPhotoClub Colin, May 1, 2017


For clubs that have more than one grade a simple method is available to facilitate the grading process:

  • The new member has an option called Grading on the Details page.
  • They upload up to six images to be used for the grading process.
  • The names of the club’s graders are listed on this page.
  • They email the grader to notify them there images to be graded
  • The grader accesses the images on the Grading page under the Committee Menu
  • The names listed in Green are awaiting grading.
  • The images are displayed and the grader can set the desired grade.

Other function related to grading are on this page:

  • changing a members grade
  • Adding or removing a grader
  • lists of who is in which grade.

by Akilah Romero, April 30, 2017

Welcome to the Demonstration club

This website reflects a fairly typical photography club and is provided to allow you to see how our solution works. The site will reset itself periodically, so you can perform any task you wish without concern.

Login as dudleyday@noemail.com  password demo  to see how the system functions.


by MyPhotoClub Colin, December 1, 2015