This demonstration site is “frozen in time” !

This site is set-up as if it is competition night on February 2016 and the months’ competitions have closed for entry and are ready to judge.

  • The January Print competitions have been judged and published for members to view and comment on.
  • The January Digital competitions have been judged online and the results are entered. They are finalised but yet to be published as they will be displayed at the February competition and then published.
  • The February Print competitions are ready to be judged at the meeting and the Digital competitions are ready to be sent to the online judge.

Logging on –  The ‘members’ on this site are fictional.  You can log on using one of these people – for example you can use username: akilahromero password: demo

If you already have a MyPhotoClub account then you can log in with your account.  Otherwise you can register and create an account.

NOTE: All accounts have full access to all options.  This allows you discover all aspects of the system. Normally a Member only sees the Member menu item.