Welcome to the demonstration photography club site

This is where you place core details about your club such as location and aspects of the club that visitors may find interesting.

The image slider shows images from your clubs activities.


For clubs that have more than one grade a simple method is available to facilitate the grading process:

  • The new member has an option called Grading on the Details page.
  • They upload up to six images to be used for the grading process.
  • The names of the club’s graders are listed on this page.
  • They email the grader to notify them there images to be graded
  • The grader accesses the images on the Grading page under the Committee Menu
  • The names listed in Green are awaiting grading.
  • The images are displayed and the grader can set the desired grade.

Other function related to grading are on this page:

  • changing a members grade
  • Adding or removing a grader
  • lists of who is in which grade.

by Akilah Romero, April 30, 2017